Datawood Consulting Private Limited

Ours is a Software Company believes in creating a niche Software Products for all Verticals of Small & Medium Manufacturing & Service Industries.

As we the promoters have worked for various Manufacturing & Service Industries heading its IT Division, are pragmatic understanding the business requirement & able to offer the right IT solution to the Customers.

Besides to our Software Products, we provide IT Consultancy Services for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) either on Retainer Ship or Per-Call basis to give our quality solutions & advises to the companies we are engaged with, thereby, reduce the risk & cost for the companies to have their own IT Team.

Seeing is Believing.

When it comes to operations and success, words only go so far. Seeing is believing and we love to show off the leading cutting edge Warehouse, inventory and 3PL system and solutions.

Customer Success is Our Success is a passion for us. It's never as simple as 'doing the thing' for us. It's putting in the effort to understand the ultimate goals of our clients to create long lasting solutions that garner long lasting partnerships. With our customers ultimate success as a core focus for every team at Datawood, the results are better for everyone involved.

Continuous Improvement is our life blood. You see it in the constant enhancements to our software and we see it in our own personal development. We never let "the best" become a deterrent to "the better". There are no magic bullets out there, we accomplish great things through incremental improvement in all things or 1,000 lead bullets. When we look back 6 months, 1 year and beyond there are no "A HA" moments. Just consistent, continuous improvements to all things that have taken us to where we are and where we're going.

Our Commitments

Our values are the lens by which we make decisions and hold each other accountable. Our commitments are what we promise to run ourselves by as individuals. How we interact with each other and hold ourselves accountable. They start with the core two:

  • Radical Responsibility
  • Listening to Learn
  • Never Get Fooled by the Search for Magic Bullets
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Focus on the Results

Our Commitments Shape Our Path

Radical Responsibility is our commitment to how we move forward. At Datawood Consulting and as individuals we control how we react and where we head. There is no place for blame within Datawood Consulting nor why our situation exists. We simply focus on the circumstance in front of us, explore where we are now and where we want to be. When we can make this magic happen it eliminates the drama and has everyone focused on the best solution or path forward.

Listening to Learn is nothing new. We all certainly have this intention from the onset, but we take it a step further. To us and within Datawood Consulting, there is no 'right and wrong', just two sides of right with the best outcome somewhere within them. When we engage each other or our customers we focus on truly listening to what is being said, never waiting our turn to speak or repeating our positions. If everyone is listening to learn the end results are amazing. You're Right, I'm Right, now what's the Right path forward.


  • Trainee - Software Engineers (.NET & MS-SQL DB)

  • Trainee - Business Development Executives

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